When we experience a major life event such as a renovation, a new baby, a move, blending multiple families, depression, divorce or loss of a loved one life can become difficult to manage.

Attempting to cope in chaotic spaces can exasperate feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm. Not only do we know this, we also understand how it happens and how to fix it.  

Clients remain in control of what items go and which remain at all times.  We'll cheer you on and encourage you to make realistic decisions on what still serves you today however,
the final decision is always yours.

If you are struggling with overwhelming amounts of stuff and don't know where to start, contact us to learn more about how we can help.  



Founder + Clutter Coach

I waited 20 years for the stars to align allowing me to fulfill my dream of organizing for a living!

The chance came in 2017 when a lay off, start up funding and passion surfaced simultaneously. That's how Love Your Space Organizing was formed.

Since then, I've been fortunate to work with clients of all walks of life. Together we clear the excess and create systems tailored to their lifestyle.

Interior Design + Project Lead

Renelle hails from Campbellton, NB. She is a graduate of Université de Moncton's interior design program. 

Renelle joined our team in the summer of 2019. She's a pro at maximizing the client's belongings to create a functional and beautiful environment.

She joined our team in the summer of 2019. 


Community Relations Coordinator

Jeff works hard to connect your excess to the community's needs.

You'll find him delivering your donations, helping with heavy duty projects and in our sorting process.

Jeff has been with me since day 1.


This girl loves kids and kids love her.  She is a Montessori early childhood educator and with a passion for organizing.

Taylor has been working with Love Your Space since 2019 when she reached out to see if we were hiring. 

I still remember her first project; a huge one...the Mayday Group print shop!

Out of clutter, find simplicity.
- Albert Einstein


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