When we experience a major life event such as a renovation, a new baby, a move, blending multiple families, depression, divorce or loss of a loved one life can become difficult to manage.

Attempting to cope in chaotic spaces can exasperate feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm. Not only do we know this, we also understand how it happens and how to fix it.  

Clients remain in control of what items go and which remain at all times.  We'll cheer you on and encourage you to make realistic decisions on what still serves you today however,
the final decision is always yours.

If you are struggling with overwhelming amounts of stuff and don't know where to start, contact us to learn more about how we can help.  



Founder + Clutter Coach

With an extensive background in administration coupled with a passion for efficiency and function, Mindy leads the team in providing home and office management for professionals in greater Fredericton.

She is compassionate and understanding in working with those who struggle with organization.

Interior Design + Project Lead

Renelle hails from Campbellton, NB. She is a graduate of Université de Moncton's interior design program. 

Renelle is passionate about helping families create practical, functional and clutter-free spaces.

Service  available in both official languages.


This girl is obsessed with organized spaces.

Her application to work with us was a full-on Pinterest worthy visual representation of how to organize a home.

She's a natural problem solver and we're so glad to have her on board.


Taylor is an early childhood educator. This girl loves kids and kids love her. 

She has always had a passion for organizing and has been helping family and friends in her spare time.  

Taylor is our in-house Montessori space expert.

Community Relations Coordinator

Jeff works hard to connect your excess to our community's needs.

You'll find him delivering your donations, helping out with heavy duty projects and in our sorting process.


He also enjoys playing guitar, gardening and spending time with his family.


Jolie is a mom, entrepreneur, political advocate and oh so creative.


She knows how to swing a hammer and rock a drill. 

You can see her talents at Whimsy on Main. Look for the label, J. Lewis Upholstery


Out of clutter, find simplicity.
- Albert Einstein


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