More storage or less stuff?

Families are increasingly more stretched for time, as a result of an increase in dual-income earning families, an increase in our children’s commitments, and, we own far more belongings than ever before. So much so that a $22 BILLION a year industry has been built around personal storage. Virtually all product trends and sales in the U.S. home organization products market are driven by the fact that North Americans have a lot of, and many consider too much stuff. Consumers say they need more products to help corral their things. Two thirds of American adults in a national online survey say they could use more home organization products. In the 1970’s the average home was 1000 square feet.

Reduce Recycle Rehome

Just thinking about cleaning out our excess clutter gives most of us anxiety. Not only is it the quantity of stuff to consider managing but also the quality of stuff too. What I mean by that is the hazardous waste, the oversized and out-dated appliances, tires, heaps of sensitive documents, etc. Having been through this process countless times, I've put together a resource list for the Fredericton region outlining organizations that facilitate rehoming and disposing of common household items. This list is in no way a complete representation of the resources available however it represents the organizations that we have thus far dealt with in dispersing household contents. We believe i

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