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Client Profile:
Busy, professional couple looking to make some functionality changes throughout their family home.

Project's problem areas were basement storage, a shared home office in which our clients wanted to completely transform into a custom built office space. 

Basement Storage

We sorted and edited all items in the basement and put our categories into bins.

These clients wanted to add shelving in two areas. One for seasonals, and one for outgrown clothing items this growing family may need again.

Home Office
This space had been a shared office previously as well. Although, it lacked functionality largely due to how the space was set up.

We designed and built a pair of custom desks
and storage bench that integrated into the current built in bookcases and provided two separate workstations. 

The items in this kitchen were already divided into categories, so we focused on adjusting the placements of those categories to increase function in daily life.



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