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Hanwell Whole Home (2021)

Growing family of four with mom working part-time shift-work outside the home and dad, a business owner, working full-time outside the home. 

When they initially reached out, one of their priorities was to help to create a design in the newly added mudroom cleaning closet and seasonals closet that would facilitate their active cottage lifestyle. 


Laundry Room

Since the homeowners now had a proper cleaning closet in the mudroom addition, the cleaning products located in the existing laundry room / half bath were purged and relocated to the now blank slate cleaning closet.


The remaining items in the laundry room were organized inside these two overhead cabinets; laundry and medications using bins the client had on hand.

Cleaning Closet

With the cleaning supplies purged we were able to design a closet to suit this family's needs. A kitchen design studio built and installed the system.
Seasonals Closet

We gathered up all the inventory to be stored in the new seasonals closet and placed our categories in the spaces they would eventually live in, so that we could easily see what we needed to accommodate. I then designed a space that would allow easy access of seasonal items as well as a cottage in and out system. The homeowners had their kitchen design studio build and install.