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Hanwell New Build

Young professional family with school-aged children reached out for help to ensure adequate storage and flow throughout their new build.

For the owner's suite closet, s
he had four clear wishes; a pull-out jewellery tray, a focal point design and separation between his and hers.

We worked from her builder's floor plans to create a design. Once the space was distinguishable I visited to measure and assess. The client taped the floor in advance of finalizing the design.

Originally the client wanted a boutique closet with a custom IKEA NORDLI chest of drawers along the full wall and a his side and a hers side on opposite walls. It was to be a beautiful look however we were unable to make the design work within the pre-set dimensions. So we changed course. 

It occurred to me that IKEA's PAX system on the full wall with drawers on the bottom would mimick the NORDLI look she was going for.

Below I share the floor plan, original design in 3D to assess space, the design shown in IKEA's PAX planner. And of course, photos of the system installed. 

Adjacent to the closet is the laundry room. I worked with the client to be sure there would be a home for all their inventory and where it could go. I also provided product recommendations.

The goal here was to create a space that provided adequate storage but also looked beautiful as it opens into the main hallway and into the owner's suite closet.