New Maryland Whole Home

Client Profile:
Experienced numerous life changes in recent years and wants to cleanse and reorganize throughout the home. 
They struggle with side effects associated with a brain injury.

Project's problem areas are a stuffed storage room, a home office just off the entry that has become a dumping ground and finally a lack of effective systems to keep the home tidy.

Laundry closet (in kitchen)

We sorted and edited the shelves and put our categories into temporary labeled bins.

The client wanted to open up the space. The doors were removed, a stencil pattern applied to the back wall, wooden shelves installed and styled with systems using our curated product list.

Storage room

This storage room had been full of many years of unmade decisions. 

It took us a little over 4-sessions with multiple team members to process the contents of this space. As we emptied items, they were assigned a category. The client worked along side us for the most part and purged as items were identified as no longer needed in their life. 

With items that remained, we decided on a location for storing in the home. Some were put back in labelled bins and some integrated into the home's living spaces. A lot of it was passed along for donation and numerous bags of trash were tossed. 
Front entry closet

This family was not using the space for outerwear. It had become a dumping ground.
We needed this space for a category of items from the storage room. 
It was decided that we would have our handy hand, Scott add Melamine shelving with a sturdy cleat system to accommodate our new categories. 


Neglected inventory from frequent work travel rest.


The kitchen was already functioning relatively well. We tweaked placement a bit and added product to define our categories and zones. 

dōTERRA stash

When we begin working with new clients we ask what hobbies or interests they have that requires an inventory. In this case, we established a system for dōTERRA in the client's dining hutch. It was a perfect spot. They can now sit at the dining table to process inventory. 

Office / Studio

This is the dumping ground I mentioned at the start. The client had developed a habit of coming home and dumping things in the studio. (The fireplace had been in the basement.)

Whole Home Package
Under $600 product budget
Product recommendations included in package