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Kitchen Planning

Over my adult years, I've moved 9 times. That's 18 times I've packed and unpacked my kitchen. As odd as it may seem, I've actually enjoyed the process.

The kitchen is, in my opinion, the room in the home that benefits most from organization. And it is so much fun to plan out. Literally any space can be set up to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible. When homeowners have the luxury of building new though, a whole new world of opportunity emerges! The world of custom cabinetry and designing a layout to your own specifications. Whether you are building new, re-organizing or renovating, when planning your kitchen think in zones; clean up, dishes, food and prep. This will help in assigning a home for your kitchen items. Clean up zones including storage containers, kitchen towels, shrink wrap, etc. are best located near the sink and dishwasher.

If I were to build new or renovate again, these finds from Pinterest would be on the top of my 'to consider' list.

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