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The Purse Curse

As women, we manage multiple aspects of not just our lives but also of our entire family’s lives. We wear many different hats and are expected to change those hats at the drop of a errr….hat. Our crew looks to us for gum, tissue, acetaminophen, a points card, etc. All this means that means we need to carry with us, a lot of stuff. A pocket book, a purse, a handbag, whatever you may call it, these handy bags are our lifeline. A day of errands, a road trip or even a full weekend of activities can lead to chaos forming inside your purse. Even pro organizers aren’t protected from experiencing a mess BUT having system in place allows one to quickly and easily recover from cringe-worthy disorganization. So, what’s the system? Pouches or bags housing like items. This little trick allows for easy access to anything at all inside your purse. Imagine going from digging and digging and digging to find what you need to conveniently locating anything at all inside your purse.

Let me show you how to set-up your very own fool-proof purse organization system so your purse can look like this!


Ok, here we go...First, empty the entire contents of your purse onto a flat surface large enough to accommodate all the contents spread out in a single layer.

Begin decluttering by identifying which items will go back in the purse and which belong elsewhere. (Bonus points for those who take the time to find homes for those items that don’t belong in the purse.)

For those items going back in the purse, group them together with like items such as feminine hygiene products, makeup, receipts, first aid, etc.

Once items are grouped, assess the volume of space needed to accommodate this grouping and find a cute little pouch to house them in. Keep going until all groupings have a pouch.

Now, place all pouches inside your purse and marvel at the organizational beauty! ;)

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear from you. (If you deserve bonus points for rehoming, I wanna know.) Mindy xoxoxo

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