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Teacup Love

My heart! A recent job involved helping a client downsize their 5 bedroom family home to a two bedroom apartment in a retirement residence. The family has a beautiful collection of china and flatware. It was a true honour to be granted the opportunity to help find new homes for these treasures.

While taking inventory of the collection, I kept thinking about the love and stories shared at the table set with these gorgeous pieces. Many of these items I'm told were inherited by their parents and grand parents which would date them back into the late 1800's. That makes for many a meal shared with friends and family using these very pieces.

Elite Works Limoges France

Royal Doulton Athens H.4987 China Collection organized

Mintons England 1910 Collection organized

This beautiful collection dates back to 1910! Each one of my jobs is unique and brings about new challenges. With this one I had the pleasure of learning about dinnerware collectibles. In addition to the bone china collection, the homeowner also had a number of precious silver pieces. She lovingly had them wrapped and labelled ready and waiting for the next dinner party.

Sterling Silver Flatware Collection Organized

sterling silver spoons organized

Birks sterling silver flatware collection organized

And my favourites to work with among this collection were these adorable little tea cups. Some of these tea cups date back to 1870! Which one is your favourite?

Aren't they just adorable?! It is difficult for me to say which is my favourite. I love them all. If these belonged in my home I would use them every single day. They are too beautiful to be stuck in a display cabinet somewhere. I say if you have 'em use 'em! Finally, here is the silver serving piece collection. Just beautiful. Look how she had them all sorted and protected.

These pieces have been cherished by this family for more than 55 years and by their parents before. Just lovely. Much love, Mindy xo

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