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Honouring Heirlooms

It is not a secret that baby boomers are reducing their household inventory as they advance in age and adjust their housing accordingly. As a result, they are faced with the challenge of reducing the quantity of belongings they possess to that which will fit in their new, much smaller home. As such, it can be a challenge to decide what they wish to take with them and what they can do without. This New York Times article expresses this sentiment felt across the world. Professional organizers witness this dilemma regularly when working with baby boomers. The home owners do not see their belongings as possessions but rather treasures. It can be difficult to part with sentimental items that we've loved for many, many years. A pro organizer can help owners make rational decision about what is important to be kept and what can be passed along for another family to love. It is not uncommon to find boxes of treasures hiding away in attics and dark closets. But...what is really the sense in that? While it may not be practical to display entire collections, we can consider ways in which we can honour our most cherished heirlooms in beautiful ways. Often times I am asked how such treasures can be honoured. I've taken the time to put together a collection of ideas on presenting heirloom pieces in a way that they can be enjoyed daily. Take a look through for inspiration on how you can honour your family's history.

New Life:

baby shoes
baby first day memories

Children's Most Loved Belongings:

Favourite toy in frame

From Her Kitchen:

Her Interests:

Her Jewels:

jewellery collection


wedding momentos



sports memories

sports memories


in memory of his service

memory of his service

His belongings:

his belongings

man's blue jeans


travel memories

travel memories

Favourite Read:

To keep a sampling of our treasures front and centre where you can enjoy them daily makes so much more sense than keeping an entire collection in a box in storage. Hope that this post has inspired you to dig out that box of treasures. Dig through and find your most loved pieces and honour them in such a way that you can enjoy them. Show me how you have honoured your treasures.

Happy organizing, Mindy xo

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