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Uptown Condo

Professional couple, no kids living in a two-bedroom condo uptown.

Mrs. is a multi-craft crafter and Mr. sometimes works from home. 
Storage is a challenge. As is keeping the home tidy.


Laundry room / Storage room


Narrow space.
Needs to hold a lot of things.
Primarily seasonal decor, seasonal sporting goods, memories, collections, seasonal clothes, travel items, laundry system, vacuum cleaning, seasonal appliances like fans, dehumidifiers, cherished furniture, utility stuff and probably more I'm forgetting. 
We tried various configurations in the space throughout our time working together. It was eventually apparent that the only way to make it right is to go up and customize shelves. Otherwise, clients were playing Tetris with bins in a super tight space in order to get at something.
So, we measured and drew up our idea and gave it to Jimmy. He drew up better plans and priced it out for us. The shelves were brought in in pieces and assembled in such a way that they can be taken apart to be moved (should they ever move). 

What you don't see in the pic is that behind these shots along the wall with the HVAC unit there's a washer and dryer with overhead cabinets. The clients like to hang dry many pieces so we needed to allow for that and laundry baskets as well. 

Seeing these installed and organized was just dreamy for both me and the clients. 

Yarn Storage

Mrs. enjoys knitting and collecting knitting supplies ;) So we needed to create more storage for more yarn! Much of her stash was already in this closet but it was not easy to access.

This is one of the first closets I customized. Back in the day, I was working with handy hand, Scott. He came by during one of our sessions and we talked through the design and he measured and Scott drew up the cost. We used a cleat system for the shelves and white Melamine for the shelves themselves. We didn't need centre supports because the span was short and the contents of the shelves light.

Adding the shelves made such a huge difference for her in seeing and accessing her stash. 
Whole home package
Product budget below $500
Design service for both closets included in the package price. 
Install provided by Love Your Space.