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We're a dedicated
team of experts
in home maintenance;

  • clutter coaching
  • custom storage solutions
  • organizing product sourcing
  • systems and space planning specialists
  • consignment
  • carpenters & handy hands
  • residential cleaners
Professional organizers manage inventory, space and time.

We're professional problem solvers supporting families through life transitions; a move, a loss, a birth, a division of marriage, a glow up, and so much more.

In doing research about which organizer is right for you, you'll find pro organizers specialize in areas such as seniors, moves, moms, business owners, closets, etc.

Love Your Space is known for transforming whole homes from cluttered and crowded to breathable, inviting and calm. 

We recommend this holistic approach to decluttering and organizing throughout the whole home for long-term sustainable results.

Our clients have access to our curated service providers; custom closet builder, handy hand, residential cleaner and reseller who align with our mission to alleviate overwhelm for professionals with packed schedules. 

about us


Clutter Coaching | Course Content | Custom Storage Solutions | Product Knowledge | Space Planning 
This girl is a do-er and a persistent one at that. She can manage even the biggest of messes transforming them from chaos to intuitive organization, with ease. 

In 2020, Mindy began researching and training in chronic disorganization with Institute for Challenging Disorganization, Hoarding Disorder UK, International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation and National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. 

In addition to clutter coaching, Mindy works with clients to design custom storage solutions which we then execute with our curated selection of builders and handy hands. 


Clutter Coaching | Consignment | Donations | Waste Management
Managing the excess for our clients is a full-time job. Knowing who takes what and how much can often be a barrier for us. We all strive to serve our client's wishes in dispersing their excess on to the appropriate next owner whether that be via consignment, donation, recycling, or disposing. 

Jeff has established a network of decluttering resources across New Brunswick. 


Clutter Coaching | Custom Storage Solutions | Space Planning | Product Knowledge | Course Content | Home Management
For many of our home management clients, Chloe is the face of Love Your Space, working with them directly to improve their home's function on a recurring basis.

She is a natural-born problem solver with outside-the-box ideas on home organizing systems. Her warm and compassionate personality makes her a great fit for c
lients struggling to make good decisions about what to declutter.

She is currently engaged in industry training with Professional Organizers in Canada.


Course Content | Home Management
Many of our professional clients need help on a recurring basis in order to have the tidy home they crave.

To help manage this expectation, we offer recurring service. Bailey is an important aspect of this service providing the attention to detail clients have come to expect from us.

Bailey also creates original and custom artworks. You can see her work at Bailey Hanson Art

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged

with what you are doing in the here and now.

And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”


IMG_2188 (1)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Your home, refined

Experience the luxury of your home freshly decluttered and expertly organized throughout (we're talking every nook and cranny). 

Clients tell us it is transformative; life changing.

The best part is, we'll take care of the whole thing; from helping you make realistic decisions about what to keep and what to give up to dropping your donations, arranging for consignment, and all without judgement. 

We're your home storage experts. If a solution can't be bought, we can design and build to fit your needs. 

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