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10 Organizing Tips and Rules to Follow for a Tidy Home

With all the time spent at home lately, you’ve likely had some downtime to deep-clean your bathroom or re-organize your home office. And while getting started is arguably one of the hardest parts, maintaining your clean and organized home can be just as difficult. That’s why we’ve reached out to organizing professionals across the country, from those living in Cleveland, OH to those living in Raleigh, NC, for their best advice. With these 10 organizing tips, even the messiest person can maintain a tame and tidy home.

Organizing tips and rules to follow for a tidy home:

1. Just put it away If you take something out, put it back where it belongs when you’re finished with it. - Dina Braverman, Organizing Concepts and Designs

2. Ask yourself: “Where do I have other things like this?” Not: “Where do I have space for this?” Like items, such as fishing equipment, sewing supplies, camping cookware, travel mugs, will all be in one place. This will eliminate your searching all over your home for things. Even if that closet, drawer, or space isn't neat and tidy you'll only have one place to look for an item. - Lorraine Falcone, Naturally Organized 

3. Don’t wait, just make a decision We hang on to things because it’s easier. We move items around the house, from room to room, place them in a box, bin, or cabinet. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. By hanging on to items that you really don’t want anymore, you’re allowing the clutter to spread throughout your space. Make a decision if you really need to keep that item, or if it’s time to let it go. - Carrie Kauffman, Carrie’s Essential Services

4. Create a home for everything When items have a home it’s easy to find them and store them. However, when items don’t have a home, piles begin to form and clutter creeps in. - Allison Flinn, Reclaim Professional Organizing

5. If you don't love it or use it, let it go Make space for the things you truly love and use. Get out the rest. The less you have, the easier it is to stay organized. - Merritt Chesson, Simply Kept

6. Edit, and edit often As shocking as it may sound, edit something from your life every single day. Whether it be a batch of emails or your utensil drawer. Our bodies respond positively to editing by lowering its cortisol levels and lifting our mood. - Mindy Foster, Love Your Space Organizing

7. Create a visual "keep-it-up" map for the area that was just organized Write down one thing you will do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to maintain the new order in your home. Then post the map where you will see it often. - Marla Dee, Clear & SIMPLE

8. Always think vertical when storing your items Use the spaces above and below your shelves in the closet or pantry. Add drawers or extra shelves to use your space to the maximum capacity. Having enough storage is a guaranteed success for a tidy space. - Pavla Bitterlichova, Chic Organizer

9. Eliminate clutter hot spots Placing a flower arrangement in the center of the kitchen table will help eliminate the desire to toss mail or car keys where they don’t belong. Another great way to prevent clutter is by having wastebaskets in every room. There should even be wastebaskets in living rooms and dining rooms. Grab one that matches the decor and aesthetic of the room so it doesn't look totally out of place. - Elizabeth Lee, Seattle Organizing Works

10. Don’t put it down, put it away Once you decide what you’re keeping and what you’re tossing out, you can get specific about your items and create places for them to be stored. You’ll no longer have to pile belongings on desktops, counters, and tables and can easily find what you need when you need it. So rather than put it down, just put it away. - Steve Adams, Creative Space Organizing

Originally published on Redfin

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