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Getting organized is often the easiest part. Its staying organized that many find challenging. So many times I've been asked, "...but how do you keep up the organization?" The answer really is easy.

One of the biggest influencers in maintaining organization is to make items easily accessible AND easy to put away. Assign them homes that will allow you to access them without having to dig around or move other items to get at them. Otherwise, you will almost certainly disturb the system and create a mess to clean up and rearrange.

One of many organization items on the market that help with ease of access is the turntable or Lazy Susan. These things are great in soooo many applications. I scrounged Pinterest and found a few really great examples of this little product in various uses. Take a look.

Condiments in the pantry.

organize pantry with lazy susan turntables

For paint and glitter in the hobby room.

organize hobby room craft room with lazy susan turntables

For condiments and snacks in the refrigerator.

organize refrigerator with lazy susan turntables

In the medicine cabinet.

organize medicine lazy susan turntables

For those awkward corners in the pantry.

organize corners walk in pantry with lazy susan

Under the sink to store regularly used products.

organize bathroom essentials with lazy susan turntables

On your desk for easy access of office supplies.

organize desktop supplies with lazy susan turntables

What's really great is there are many styles of turntables / Lazy Susans out there and at various price points. Its easy to find something to suit the application.

Consider where you could benefit from using a Lazy Susan to make your life easier. Is it in your refrigerator, or your pantry or even

organize shoes with lazy susan turntable

Here are a few buying links where you can price and learn more about the variety available.

Lipper lazy susan

I'd love to hear/see your uses for these practical little round delights. If you have unusual product uses to share, I would love that too!!! Happy organizing.

Mindy xo

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