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More storage or less stuff?

Families are increasingly more stretched for time, as a result of an increase in dual-income earning families, an increase in our children’s commitments, and, we own far more belongings than ever before. So much so that a $22 BILLION a year industry has been built around personal storage.

Virtually all product trends and sales in the U.S. home organization products market are driven by the fact that North Americans have a lot of, and many consider too much stuff. Consumers say they need more products to help corral their things. Two thirds of American adults in a national online survey say they could use more home organization products.

In the 1970’s the average home was 1000 square feet. Fast forward 35 years and the average home has doubled in size at 2000 square feet. During that same generational time span, the average family decreased in size from 3.5 members to 2.5. Source: National Post Last week CBC released an article titled, “Storage business booming as Canadians grapple with too much stuff.” The article depicts an almost glamorous industry that is competing for innovative and enticing ways to store our excess. According to the article, statistics say that Canada has an average of two square feet of storage for every person in the country (which realistically, with the growth we’re seeing, isn’t anywhere near enough). If you have a chance, follow the link to the article. The multi-use facility in the works by a Toronto storage company is far removed from the dark and musty storage lockers we’re accustomed to.

This is the future of self-storage. It features condos and retail, with storage lockers hidden from view in the centre of the building. (CBC News)

A strong trend has emerged that preaches simplicity, minimalism and control of clutter. It’s not just getting rid of things but recognizing that everything you own needs a place to store. Without dedicated proper storage spots in and outside the home there tends to be chaos, followed by stress. I’m in no way a minimalist nor am I striving to live anymore minimal than I do now. I bring it up here because I think the movement demonstrates a thirst society is acquiring for having less. It is stressful to live in the chaos of extreme clutter.

Many we’ve worked with have told us they reached out for help because they were simply so overwhelmed with the task that they couldn’t even begin to think about where to start. And let’s face it, we can all relate to that. Procrastinate it too long though and, I almost guarantee you, the stress of such excess will begin to affect your mood, your wallet and your time. Before you invest in more storage solutions, take a look around your home and see what you are okay parting with. Each day do the same. It will begin to feel relieving and motivate you to keep going.

Happy organizing,

Mindy xo

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