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Moving On With Life After Loss

It has been an intense, in many ways, couple of days. Intense heat. Intense emotions. Intense excess. And intense success. There are countless reasons why folks hire organizers. Among them; processing a loved one's belongings after their passing. These past two days we did just that with a client we met back in the fall. They contacted us after the heartbreaking loss of their beloved partner just months prior. The two had been collectors and treasures had gathered in every nook and cranny making spaces unaccessible and even unsafe.

They could have contacted a junk removal service to haul it all for trash. That was an option. But, there were treasures among the junk and their loved one deserved to have their belongings processed in a compassionate way. When they contacted me, we made plans to work together in January. On the day of our first session, I arrived and away we went; sorting into categories of keep, toss or donate. A bit of progress was made over about 40 or so minutes and they just couldn't bring themselves to continue letting go of their loved one's things. We hugged. And we cried. Then we agreed it was best to stop and try again another time. We kept in touch sending articles and best wishes until one day they messaged that they were ready! Their dates came up in the calendar this week and I am thrilled to write that they were able to make huge progress over these past two days. Here's our donate pile after Day 1!

And the donate pile after Day 2!! YES!!!

Countless bags and boxes were carried out and away for new homes and a pile of trash awaits pick up by the junk removal guy Monday morning.

Every client's needs are different. These were theirs. They can now move on from their paralyzing pause in life and onto a clean slate and a fresh start. Now this folks, is why I do this job. xo Mindy

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