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Reduce Recycle Rehome

Just thinking about cleaning out our excess clutter gives most of us anxiety. Not only is it the quantity of stuff to consider managing but also the quality of stuff too. What I mean by that is the hazardous waste, the oversized and out-dated appliances, tires, heaps of sensitive documents, etc.

Decluttering Fredericton

Having been through this process countless times, I've put together a resource list for the Fredericton region outlining organizations that facilitate rehoming and disposing of common household items. This list is in no way a complete representation of the resources available however it represents the organizations that we have thus far dealt with in dispersing household contents. We believe in an inclusive economic community and welcome new organizations on board in the pursuit of honouring family treasures.

Donation and Disposal Resources Fredericton, NB
Donation and Disposal Resources Fredericton
Donation and disposal resources Fredericton

For more information and to determine any potential fees associated with services, links are provided below.


Bibles for Missions


Hospice Boutique

Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission Southside Redemption Centre

Department of Environment and Local Government

Bob's Light Trucking Radical Edge

Feel free to shoot us a message to advise of further recycling and disposing opportunities.

Happy recycling.

Mindy xo

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