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Start where you are.

Our hectic schedules coupled with our excess of stuff has many families overwhelmed with tidying up. From just about every client we've worked with we hear, "I just don't know where to start." It's okay to say so. Unless you are naturally organized you have every right to not understand how to process an excess of stuff. Just as your hair stylist knows better how to cut and style your hair, a professional organizer knows better how to regain control of a space gone wrong.

It's time to fill you in on the process so you can begin to regain control of your own space. Here's the secret formula!:

EDIT: Okay, here's the part you may not like. You'll need to haul literally EVERYTHING out of the space being organized separating each item into one of two piles: trash or keep/donate/sell. Once you've completed this process, give yourself applause as this can be the most difficult part of organizing. Decluttering and downsizing is a process and you've just completed step 1! SORT: Next, you're going to touch every single item AGAIN. This time you are going to focus on grouping each item into like categories. If it's a pantry you're organizing, pile the snacks together, the pasta together, baking ingredients, etc. Okay, now beware, in the midst of sorting you are most likely going to feel even more overwhelmed than you may have felt before you started. Keep going. I assure you, it will come together.

REHOME: Take a look at your sorted piles. Identify what container will best serve to house these items together now and in the foreseeable future. This containment will allow you to keep the quantity at bay preventing the clutter from creeping back in. If after some times passes, you are finding the container to be cramped, its time to edit!

This exact three step process is what is used at each and every one of our jobs. It's fool proof and guaranteed to work for you too! Let us know what your experience has been in organizing your space. xo Mindy

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