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Organized People May Actually Be The Lazy People 🤷‍♀️

Effective long-term organization is as much about preparation and routine as it is about grouping items into pretty baskets. What you may find makes the most difference is preparing for future steps. Taking that extra 10 minutes to facilitate next steps often saves aggravation, costs you less to clean and maintain, etc. The biggest example of next steps in organization is returning items to their assigned home. That one’s BIG. Like the biggest! The next biggest example is preparing for the coming week. What paperwork is due where, what will you serve for meals this week, what will you wear to your big budget meeting, who is picking Sarah up out of town, etc.

It may seems as though thinking all this through requires more work but I assure you, it will have you prepared, less stressed and save you precious time. It feels amazing; like you have control over your intentional life. Sunday is my home’s weekly prep day. Monday is my business’s weekly prep day. Which day will you choose?

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