• Mindy Foster Hanson

Kitchen Planning

This share has been in my mind for a while now and I took the time this morning to put it together for you. I've moved so many times in my adult life I feel like I've mastered the art of setting up an efficient kitchen. Studying this set of three stock photos of a beautiful kitchen I established zones for clean up, dinnerware, food storage, baking, etc. Take a look.

A - Dinnerware B - Pots and Pans C - Baking Ingredients D - Food Storage E - Bakeware F - Seasonals G - Pot Holders H - Serving Dishes I - Cutlery J - Spices K - Company's Company Dishes L - Small Appliances M - Dish Detergent / Paper Towel N - Linens O - Plastic Food Storage

What may you do differently in setting up this space?

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