• Mindy Foster

4-Steps to a Complete File System

If you've been thinking about organizing your family's documents (including artwork and memorabilia), this post is for you.

Oftentimes we start an organizing job only to get distracted, bored or overwhelmed and then we've got an even bigger mess than before. I've built a number of resources that will help you transform your mess of paper strewn all over the place to an easy to maintain file system.

Using these docs, I'll show you how to sort and edit your stash, then walk you through setting up a customized system that is easy to maintain.

Here's the system we'll be using.

Use these paper storage decluttering guidelines to help you decide what needs to be kept.

Download our Paper Decluttering Workbook and follow the steps to an organized paper stash! Love to see the end result. Come back and show us!

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