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The top 10 things we can't seem to get rid of

In my professional opinion, I'd say this list of 10 things from Psychology Today's September 07, 2018 article is pretty darn accurate. What's missing from this list is PAPERWORK! And if there are children in the family, artwork and craft projects can be killer to part with.

And, as a sentimental being, and avid memory keeper, I have to disagree with number 8. Souvenirs from trips that were meaningful may be worth keeping. I feel like these belong in the same category as photos, cards, letters. Rather than discard these, I like to keep them in a special box. And for my girls' baby and school memories, I file them in a nice big grass basket with handles.

Every now and then during a re-tidy of the closet where the basket and box are kept, I'll take the time to admire and handle many of the items. It feels good to look through them and acknowledge their time in my life. I may decide I can do without one or two or, I may decide to continue keeping them all. It's a pleasure to look through them and I'm glad I've kept this up all these years.

I'd be interested to hear from you which item(s) you feel are missing from the list or that deserve special mention.

Here's the link again. Take a read and let me know what is missing for you. xo Mindy

Photo credits: @krystagrusseck - Unsplash

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