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A Gourmet Cook + Baker's Storage Room Organization

We've been working with a senior couple to help declutter their packed home. They downsized more than 20 years ago to this beautiful two-storey in a country setting that has since filled to the brim. We've worked our way through the main floor kitchen and dining spaces and are now in the basement. The lady of the house is an avid baker and a beautiful gourmet cook. Because her kitchen is quite small (and she loves a good deal!), the result is pretty significant spillover into their "basement pantry" and storage space. When we met this sweet couple, this storage room was so full you simply couldn't get into it without removing items piled on the floor. This pic was snapped after a full session of clearing and sorting items in the space.

To help you understand our process, I wanted to share our sorting piles so that you can see how these projects flow and come together.

There was an abundance in all categories. I worked with her to edit the excess and we widdled it down enough to be what we felt was a reasonable amount. Win!!! The plastic food storage for example, we went through numerous times to get to a manageable number.

She didn't have a home for her paper towel, toilet tissue or facial tissues so we assigned them a home on the top shelf. We also assigned a home for her jam making kit, extra serving pieces, bakeware, and popcorn making kit on this shelf.

I placed her small appliances, pots, pans and trays on this shelf. I do this to create a concise home for where items belong. When she uses an appliance, pot, pan or tray, she knows it goes back here. Don't worry, we'll be applying labels to be sure 😉 Some of the items that had been stored in this storage room will be relocated into cabinets, in an adjacent room, that are now filled with fabric, yarn, patterns and tools. Come on back again for more updates on this whole home project.

xo Mindy

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