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My Workbag Gets A Re-do

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Since 2017, we've worked with 70-some clients on over 100 projects. For almost all of these projects, the bag in this pic (or it's identical predecessor) has been present on the job site. The contents had been tweaked a bit along the way but not a great deal and lately I've been frustrated with how it is or isn't working for me anymore.

So, me being me and thinking the way I do, I emptied it all out to see what was there. This helps me evaluate what I never use, always reach for and what is missing.

That feels much better. Now I can see logic in what I'm lugging around rather than carrying around what I think I may need to have or "just in case". Just in case, my clients have taught me, can get me into trouble with over-keeping. I only need what I will actually use.

Let's break it down.

Safety First.

I've got individually wrapped face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, a flashlight and a first aid kit with pain meds, bandaids and bandages, feminine hygiene and alcohol pads.

Client details.

Client file with project outline, timeline, receipts, measurements, etc.

Messy clean up supplies Hand wipes, dust masks, trash bags for trash, recycle bags for donations and medium and large Ziplocs for sorting.

Labelling is key

Of course, I couldn't be a pro organizer without a fancy label maker, Post-Its custom printed at (Mayday Group) and Sharpies. The label maker makes my life so much easier on the finishing and polishing side of a project. This one is the P-Touch Cube Labeller by Brother.

Commonly used hardware

I've also tweaked my a selection of hardware items including my apron (thanks again Mayday Group) furniture sliders, packing tape, Scotch tape, Goo Gone (for removing stickers!), a hammer, level, measuring tape, box cutter, scissors, wall anchors, picture hangers, shelf clips, hooks, finish nails, felt pads and rubber bumpers.

Next, I'll be sourcing new containers for each of these categories so that I can more efficiently access and return all of my supplies. I'll come back and update you with Part 2 once I settle on what to use! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

xo Mindy

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