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Wallpaper for the Win

How are ya'll managing during these crazy COVID times? Are you finding things to do? Wishing you had less to do? Dreaming about things you should do? How are you managing? Me? I'm keeping busy. In fact, I NEED to keep busy. So.., I've been tackling some home improvement projects. I've painted the main floor walls and trim and the stair risers too. But the kitchen needed more. I've wanted a backsplash in this kitchen since I moved into this house in 2013. It was more than time. But, since I'm not versed in laying tile and I'm living on Trudeau's CERB funding, the budget is too limited for real tile. So...., I kept going back to the beautiful spaces created by Our Uncluttered House using peel and stick wallpaper and began browsing online for something that fit my style and budget. She uses RoomMates Decor however, I couldn't find any patterns in my budget that I liked by this brand. Ended up finding one in my budget and style on Wayfair. (Not local, I know, so not my favourite but we're working outside the box during these isolation days.) It is moisture resistant which is important because 1. I'm applying the paper in my kitchen where it will get wet. 2. It is a pattern I love. 3. It will coordinate well with the rest of my home. 4. It is in my budget.

I ordered the paper Apr 21 and it arrived yesterday, Apr 29! As soon as I discovered the package at my door, I got to work! The walls had just been freshly painted so there was very little prep work to the walls.

It was tedious, if not difficult to match up the pattern at first however it got easier as I become more familiar with it. Here's how it turned out! I'm just in love with the soft colour palette. It is so calming and so beautiful.

Now to paint the island. I'm thinking perhaps a nice soft grey. Stay tuned! Thank you for stopping by to take a read. Stay tuned for the island transformation project.

xo Mindy

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